Two important tips for betting on the Stanley Cup Finals

How can you profit from betting in the Stanley Cup Finals? In today’s article we will introduce you 5 tips for successful betting on the Stanley Cup Finals, and we will reveal our tip to the winner.

On Wednesday, 4 June for the fans of the NHL upbeat start (but also the saddest) moments of the entire year. Fans will eagerly wait for it to happen duel between two top teams – New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings, but also certainly feel sadness because of the fact that the year is coming to an end and until October will not be able to watch the matches of their favorite teams.

For some people, this period is also the last opportunity to bet on this year NHL. Although many experts argue that what comes to profits, it is preferable to bet on fundamental part of the competition (in all sports, not just in the NHL), but even so, it is possible to earn a very decent betting on the play-off. That’s why today we introduce you 5 tips to enable you apart from watching great matches have also achieved a profit.

1) Too rely on statistics from the body

While it is important to review the statistics of previous mutual matches of the teams as they often reveal some trends by which you can manage to a certain extent, however, these data should not be terribly attach great importance. Talent team is far from being the only factor that decides whether the rounds a team wins or loses. The team behind may have a hard stretch away games, can deal with injuries of key players, or may need to try to build team chemistry after the change in composition of individual lines.

In the playoffs, moreover, plays a totally different hockey. Players are put into every game maximum, because every game (or rather every moment) can decide whether they succeed or not. When the analysis is rather watch it on the form in which the team is currently playing. This will give you a better view than when analyzing a random match in November.

Another big problem is the relatively small sample betting. During the year, the basic part because teams will compete together a few times. In addition, necessary in a truncated form 2013, some teams actually meet at all.

2) Think like a coach

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The big change is compared to the base year of that coaches and teams will be making various adjustments based on what is happening on the ice. During a series of playoff coaches will mix different touchline and attempting to uncover your opponent’s weaknesses. I’m not saying that behave similarly in the core of the year, but in the playoffs it’s all happening a lot faster because the match is of greater importance.

On each goal in the play-off depends on much more than the basic goal of the competition. Successful punters are trying to evaluate the changes in order to gain an advantage. Changes in the composition of individual lajn sometimes tend to have a significant impact on the final outcome of the game.

An important example is to exchange goalkeepers – when it comes to the cage alternate teams tend to play more defensively than when he catches the team leader. Conversely opponent keeper no “readback” so that attackers do not know what his weaknesses. Performances goalkeepers playing in the playoffs really huge role, as we have already discussed in articles Importance of goalkeepers in the battle for Stanley Cup and the top 5 mistakes bettors when evaluating goaltenders (not only) in the NHL.

Betting on tennis – 5 most common mistakes

Tennis is a great sport, so it is no wonder that his popularity is rising. That spot and bookmakers, so now you can already bet on virtually any match. To earn as punters, you must be ever vigilant. In today’s article, we introduce the 5 most common mistakes people make when punters betting on tennis. Avoid them and increase your profits!

1) sufficiently analyze matches

Biggest mistake. To be able to win consistently, you have to analyze the game from all angles. Ideally, if you love tennis and watching matches on television. Look how the players are doing, if it works its filing, how do unforced errors, if they can get the opponent under pressure that do not play with the injury or if necessary in a given tournament simply do not have enough luck.

An important factor is how many matches recently played the tennis player. Athletes are in excellent condition, but too large portion of games leaves a trail on each. Important factors, there are many, it’s up to you to take the time to analyze and gain valuable information.

2) You bet on virtually every game

This error is easy to correct – Do not bet on every game. Although clearly it sounds, many punters commits this error because I can not control when they see that they account for bookmakers and left some money for a while playing another game usually it turns out so that bets on any player without that the match is analyzed so that we get an error number first

Next time you’re tempted to wield and save money. Every day you can choose from dozens or possibly hundreds of betting opportunities, so it’s really pointless to bet on every game. Instead, look for markets that will offer good value.

3) You exaggerate it with batteries

Many bettors think that friends are in tennis invincible. Thus, they will do that on one battery fits all favorites …. and then grumble over losing a ticket. Lose favorites because they are nothing particularly special.

If you create a battery in it should be about 2-3 matches. Remember that it is quite difficult to predict the outcome of a match, let alone multiple matches simultaneously.

4) Do you gamble with disabilities on a revalued favorites

Most players constantly improving its administration, so you should think twice before you wager with disabilities eg. To -6 favorite type Federer or Nadal. Lately, a lot of tennis balances. Yes, friends still in most cases win, but win even a difference of a few gems. A major handicaps you should avoid when betting.

5) Do you gamble on players who have recently won a tournament

“It is clear! This guy last week won the tournament, so it’s definitely in super form! He can not lose against average opponents! “And yet it happens … you know, the fact is that tennis players after winning the tournament can become tired and lose the next match. Or do you simply want to take a break. This scenario happens quite often, so betting on players who have recently won a tournament twice before.